Created by a passionate team of art lovers, Hangar is an Art Center located in the heart of the Châtelain neighbourhood in Brussels, Belgium and spread on more than 1000m2. As a reflection of the cosmopolitan nature of the capital of Europe, Hangar proposes a program of events inspired by a diversity of cultures and of artistic means of expression. A venue of both action and reflection, Hangar wants to appeal to new generations and the flux of new trends and ideas.

Hangar presents a curated selection of renowned international artists and promising young talents, contributing to the development of the appreciation of contemporary art and photography in Brussels. Each year Hangar houses 3 to 4 major exhibitions, one of which is dedicated to contemporary photography, PhotoBrussels Festival. These exhibitions also serve as a theatre for conferences, performances and meetings, including private venues.

The Premises
Hangar exhibition rooms are deployed on 3 levels in an old but revisited industrial building. These brick, steel and concrete spaces are modular and have specific atmospheres. They are frequently rented out for business or corporate events.
Petit Hangar is an adjacent exhibition space located directly on Place du Châtelain. It is an independent premise dedicated to young Belgian artists and their followers. Next to Petit Hangar is Campo, providing food and drink to the passerby or the art amateur.

Hangar Art Center Gallery
Hangar supports the artists it exhibits through its art gallery.