From 17 November 2017 to 20 January 2018


Artists Preselection  
Niloufar Banisadr, Liu Bolin, Flora Borsi, Clark & Pougnaud, Pierre Gonnord, Sam Ivin, Jean-Daniel Lorieux, Marie Moroni, ORLAN, David Uzochukwu, Ruud van Empel, Jean–Marc Wullschleger, Jean–Claude Wouters

Portrait photography, expressed in various genres – historical, documentary, self portraits, official portraits, all the way to the selfies that clutter today's social networks – has always been a part of the history of photography … From the first professional portraitists in the early 19th century to international reporters and their public images, amateur and professional photographers have continually portrayed mankind.

"Portrait(s)" focuses on Man, and how photographers depict their peers and themselves. It raises questions: Does portrait photography have its place in the contemporary art of photography? Has portrait photography evolved? What does portrait photography say about ourselves?  …


PhotoBrussels Festival devotes a large section to traditional portraits depicting resemblance or trying to catch a glance or an expression, as well as documentary portraits showing the evolution of our society … and it explores all the classical and current techniques: film, digital, infographics, augmented reality, and installations.  

The selection for 2017 includes world famous photographers as well as young talents emerging on the Belgian and European artistic scene: between 15 and 20 artists for some 200 photographs on display.

In addition this year, PhotoBrussels Festival has invited photography students from La Cambre and the Antwerp Fine Arts Academy to display their work on portraits, a thought process inspired by their professors who will give a conference open to the public on this occasion. Read more