Born in 1964 in Avignon, France. Lives and works in Paris.
Early training: served as a ship’s boy on board deep-sea vessels between the ages of 16 and 18. Self-taught, Philippe Calandre exhibits regularly all over the world.
- 2000: Ghost Stations series which explored abandoned motorway service stations (acquired by the FRAC)
- 2012: Fictions Factories
2014: Exhibition Isola Nova at Lichfield Studio, London.
- 2015: Exhibition Isola Nova at the Chapelle royale, Versailles.
- 2018: Exhibition of the series In Perceptivo in Lyon and Mindspaces in Pondicherry, India. Isola Nova has been shown in Italy, Switzerland and England, and is the subject of a publication.
- 2018: Belgica Paradise and his first eight images of Brussels. Philippe Calandre has turned his lens on Brussels for the PhotoBrussels Festival at Hangar.


Philippe Calandre reinvents the shapes and the perspectives of the city via a combination of conventional silver-based photography and digital photomontage. Holding faithfully to his method, he stalks the city intuitively, photographing its inner workings, interweaving industrial wastelands, historical and contemporary buildings. Through this vibrant mix of architecture and streetscapes, this back-and-forth between past, present and future, Philippe Calandre deconstructs and freely reconstructs the city. These contemplative images are sometimes reminiscent of paintings from the romantic school of the 19th century, or even certain etchings by Piranesi. About the series Belgica Paradise, this very singular approach to Brussels reminds us just how magnificent this iconic capital city is as it constantly reinvents itself. The spectator recognises without recognising. The shapes weave their magic spell.