Graduated from the Bauhaus University, Weimar, in ‘Media Arts’.
Student at the School of Arts of the Catholic University in Porto.
2017: Invited by Antoine d’Agata’s artist’s residency in Arles.
The same year: selected as a student by ‘Carte Blanche’ (Paris Photo and Picto).
2018: 1st exhibition of Foreign Landscape in Paris.
2018: PhotoBrussels Festival 03 in Hangar Art Center.


His serie Foreign Landscape is a photographic project about the relationship between Léon Billerbeck and his big brother, a brilliant business consultant. The photographer gets in touch with ‘his’ everyday world, which he observes with a mixture of love and scepticism. He uses blurred images in his search to simplify elements which he sees as being too abstract.

About the theme City, for PBF 03: “Our lives today revolve around the big global capital cities. We seek success and personal achievement, and we pursue a ideal of individuality, safety and satisfaction. We strive to climb higher and higher, because we can never have enough, we are constantly challenged by a competitive society which is all about efficiency. My brother is a thriving young business consultant for one of the biggest consultancies in the world, based in Frankfurt. At the age of barely 27, he is living his dream and achieving his career goals. He puts in an incredible number of hours every week and is devoting his life to his work, just like the rest of the city, where efficiency has become the only guarantee of safety. Is it the dream, or just an abstract illusion?”