From 10 February to 25 March 2017



Being most comfortable working on large-size works, Klavs Loris is busy with endless experiments with techniques and materials. As a passionate traveller, he shares the experience and impressions of his adventures in paintings.
Klavs’ attention is drawn to by existential subjects affecting the individual experience, life’s paradoxes and the complex structure. All works are intertwined with numerous symbols and subliminal messages.
To the artist’s mind, painting is the most honest and genuine work he as a human can present.

“ For no human thought it is possible to find or determine its starting point, from where they come and appear, as well as what it is in us, which hears and interprets them. Therefore, it cannot be claimed that our thoughts and ideas really belong to us and whether indeed we are the ones who create them.
It is possible that we are merely receivers, observers and performers, and hence all that has been and all that will be has always existed simultaneously.
I do not think that a work of art, which is based on thought and complex conceptual structure, should be seen as something more valuable and deep than a work of art which is perfect in its execution and technique. Because, what exactly is that through which an idea becomes more worthy than a skilful, quality execution? I think both the one and other should be evaluated equally. Every moment, a countless amount of ideas passes through each of us, and thus it is repeated every minute, hour, day, year and so forth.
Yet it is not sufficient to create a work of true quality. A considerable commitment, dedication, skill is necessary, which can only be acquired in the course of patient studies. The understanding of instrument, material and its behaviour has to be acquired. A deeper sense of colour, light and space has to be learned. Bringing together thought, one`s experience and skilful execution, a man can, in some sense, merely strive to approach his perfection with the help of a work of art. 
As far as I am concerned – I am at the beginning of the road. ”
 Klavs Loris