From 7 September to 7 October 2017

« La Stroet » is a photographic work that was held on a almost 4 years period, from 2014 to 2017. This project has required patience and observation in order to reveal in an honest way, through photography, the city of Brussels.

«  La stroet is ‘the street’ in Brusseleir, the Brussels dialect… » P.Easton

Behind every images, we can appreciate a kind of detail obsession. This obsession, sometimes, steers the artist to come back several times at the same place in the hope to see the optimal conditions gathered and so, take the picture as imagined before. Consequently, the composition seems natural and simple. Essential and geometric lines, balanced contrasts and the ideal light are creating perfect conditions for his composition setting up that is the focus of its pictures.

« Brussels is where the culture and languages of North and Latin Europe meet, confront and blend as can be observed in architecture, in people’s face… » P.Easton

« Jorge doesn’t show the obvious Brussels of guide books, he has spent hours and day walking the streets – la stroet -  to discover another face of Brussels, in search of its soul. »

Born in 1987 in Barranquilla, Colombia. Raised in Santa Marta, Colombian Caribaean city. He has developped a particular artistic vision thanks to this colorful city and its important folk culture.
As a good-food lover and traveller, he started to study gastronomy. The most significant of his travel was the one in Peru, in 2009,  during which he met his wife, an incontestable inspiration influence to him. He has moved to Brussels on September 2013.
His constant need to share his world vision and his thirst of knowledge insticively bring me to photography.
Photographers such as Elliott Erwitt, Sebastiao Salgado, Tom Baril, Richard Avedon, Saul Leiter, Josef Hoflehner, and Harry Gruyaert have a certain influence on his photographic style.

April 21st to April 23th 2017-  « A one day photo » 2nd édition – AREA 42, Brussels, Belgium.
Organized by Clik Clik with his photo «  Ceci n’est pas la photo d’un arbre » .

From October 7th to November 7th 2015, «  La traversée du Miroir » , Parlement Francophone Bruxellois, Brussels, Belgium.

From April 14th to April 14th 2014, «  La traversée du Miroir » , Centre Culturel d’Uccle, Uccle, Belgium