Born on 4 October 1944 in Kyoto, Aki Kuroda is a Japanese contemporary painter  who lives and works in Paris. Passionate about painting since childhood, he likes to say that he has been painting since he could hold a brush. In 1970, Aki Kuroda settled in Paris and had his first one-man show in 1978 in Germany. He has had many such shows since in Europe but also in Japan, Brazil, the US, China, etc. Aki Kuroda had a large scale exhibition in Hangar Art Center in April 2018 (more info).


As a multi-faceted artist, Aki Kuroda’s creative work spans many modes of expression. In addition to his pictorial work, he creates performance shows by blending various artistic forms. He works together with eminent personalities, particularly from the opera or architecture world. Very close to literary circles as well, he publishes the Noise review, inspiring many writers, and has illustrated Shakespeare’s Hamlet.